About us

Ameenah’s Store born in 2011, some months after our first daughter “Ameenah”. The idea started when I was pregnant with her, and I was looking for Islamic board books for babies & toddlers. Since I did not found any locally, then my husband and I, decided to bring some and sell it. From the beginning our intention was to make available and affordable Islamic literature and Educational Products, trying to balance Deen (Faith) and ‘Ilm (Knowledge). Inshaa Allah!!

The staff

We are a family. Our inspiration are our children.

He is an ‘Aalim, graduated from Darul Uloom Islamic Collegue, Trinidad and Tobago. Who teaches Islamic Studies, Arabic and Qur’an at the same institution.

She is an Electrical Engineer,  who embrace Islam in her late 20s. She is homeschooling her children and love to find ways to show that Islam is a beautiful way of life.

Both working as a team, trying their best to make available and affordable, Islamic books, educational products, and other stuff that facilitates our lives day by day. Inshaa Allah!