Preparation for the Hereafter


This book is a commentary of three sūrahs.

  • Surah Balad
  • Surah Shams
  • Surah Layl
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This book is a commentary of three sūrahs.

Sūrah Balad teaches us the importance to care for others and to help those in need. It emphasizes spending on people in general but specifies the family more so as this entails greater reward. If we look back at the lives of our pious predecessors, we’ll come to realize that the reason why they had so much barakah in their wealth was due to spending in the path of Allāh Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Sūrah Shams teaches us in detail about the different types of nafs.

Sūrah Layl describes two groups of people. Amongst the first group are those that will spend in the path of Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’aala solely to gain His pleasure. The second group are those who put every effort into stopping the message of dīn from spreading far and wide. They hinder people from spending in the path of Allāh I or doing anything that has a link to the dīn.


Soft Cover

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